About SFHR

The Swedish Foundation for Human Rights (SFHR) is a non-religious and non-political foundation established in 1991 by Amnesty International Sweden, Diakonia, Save the Children, the Swedish Red Cross and the Swedish Church. In 2008, Sensus Study Association became the principal for SFHR.

Our Vision

The vision of SFHR is a world where human rights are respected, where different actors in society have a high level of knowledge of their responsibilities and where every person is aware of their rights and have the means to claim them.

Our Mission

The mission of SFHR is to through education, international cooperation, advocacy and monitoring strenghten a rights-based perspective among governmental and non-governmental actors both in Sweden and internationally. Our aim is to encourage the respect for and enjoyment of human rights. We place particular significance on increasing the competence concerning human rights at state level, municipal level and among civil society, as well as on strengthening of the rights of vulnerable groups.

Target group

The primary target group in Sweden is comprised of decision-makers, governmental agencies, journalists and civil society organisations. In countries where SFHR has partnerships, the target group is both the human rights organisations which collaborate with the SFHR and the subsequent target groups of such partner organisations, which often consist of the local population and authorities. Another target group for the international activities is key persons with governmental authorities and the judiciary.


The work of the SFHR is mainly financed through contributions from Swedish agencies, foundations and trusts, as well as through incomes from trainings and other missions carried out by SFHR.

Unfortunately we are not in a position to support or give advice related to individual human rights needs, nor to unsolicited applications for funding.